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Serving God and the Community since 1851, Salem UMC is dedicated to being centered on Biblical teaching. Through our three Sunday morning worship services, we seek to create various sacred spaces, where all can connect through worship. We also offer opportunities for fellowship and to deepen your faith through classes, small groups, and opportunities to serve.

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COVID-19 Guidelines
Updated 05/20/21

In light of the recent CDC guidelines, our church’s COVID Response Team met to discuss our policies and continue seeking to create sacred space that people can feel comfortable and safe worshiping our God in. Below is an outline of our new policies that will take effect right away.  

Masks: Masks are no longer required for those fully vaccinated. For those who are not fully vaccinated masks are encouraged. For those who are not fully vaccinated and wish to not wear a mask, Salem UMC understands that they do so at their own risk. Both masked and unmasked persons are welcome to sit together if they wish. To help all feel safe and comfortable, those who wish to wear a mask and sit only with others wearing masks, a Mask Safe Zone will be created in both in-person worship services. These zones will be in the back of the worship spaces, so the breath of those unmasked will be away from them. No one is required to sit in the Mask Safe Zones.  

Music: We are once again welcoming everyone to sing aloud their praises to God within our worship spaces.  

Choir: The Traditional Service Choir will start meeting again for rehearsal on Wednesday, June 9th at 7:00 pm. The choir will begin leading our music for Sunday morning Traditional Service worship on Father’s Day, June 20th.   Social

Distancing: As this virus is a continuing heightened threat to those unvaccinated and those unable to be vaccinated, at this time we ask all persons, not from the same family or household to continue social distancing while on the church campus. For everyone’s safety and comfort, social distancing precautions, such as opening every-other-pew in the Traditional Service and having fewer chairs in the Coffee House Service, will continue.  

Food: For the safety and comfort of all, we will continue to provide store prepared foods only, served to you by someone who wears a mask and gloves.   We hope these new measures bring you both joy in moving forward and comfort in the gentleness of our approach. For any additional questions please reach out to Pastor Curtiss directly or through the church office.